When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time of the day or week. And when they do, you need to know that there is someone you can count on and who can help you right away. Because we understand how scary a dental emergency can be, at Rio Vista Family Dentistry, we are available for urgent care. If your dental issue needs immediate treatment, then you can count on our emergency dentist in Mission Valley to help you get better. 

Not sure if your dental problem is an emergency? Here are some of the most common reasons that require an emergency dentist visit. 

1. A Knocked-out Tooth

Whether it was a sports injury, a fall, or another type of accident, a knocked-out tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies. 

While these incidents can be quite scary, try not to panic. Firstly, try to stop the bleeding if there is any. Then try to locate the tooth and clean it with some clean water. If possible, put the tooth back in its socket and keep it there until you get to your dentist. You can also store it in a container with a bit of water or milk. 

Your Mission Valley dentist will try to save your tooth, but if that's not possible, don't worry! You have plenty of restorative options, such as implants, to fix your smile. 

2. A Chipped Tooth

At first glance, a chipped tooth may not seem like a big deal. Say you were eating some popcorn and chipped your tooth on a kernel. While it may be tempting to wait until your next appointment, it's best to see your dentist immediately. That's because a chipped tooth may leave the inner layer of the tooth exposed and more prone to infections and cavities. The nerve may also be damaged and lead to abscesses and intense pain. 

3. A Lost Filling 

Lost fillings are another common dental emergency. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't aware of this and postpone getting treatment to the detriment of their oral health. 

When your filling falls, bacteria now have a direct way to enter your tooth and cause havoc. 

4. Broken Tooth

You may think that a broken tooth is just a cosmetic concern, but it can affect your oral health too. Firstly, broken teeth can be very painful and OTC medication will only alleviate your symptoms, but not treat the cause. Secondly, it's hard to tell the extent of the damage without proper investigation, such as an X-Ray. A dentist can assess the problem and determine the best treatment for you. 

Dealing with a Dental Emergency? Call Rio Vista Family Dentistry Now! 

Whether it's a knocked-out tooth, a chipped tooth, or just severe pain that won't go away with any medication, at Rio Vista Family Dentistry, we are ready to tackle whatever urgent problem you may be dealing with. 

Don't postpone getting treatment. Get in touch with us right now and tell us about your problem. 

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