When Is Oral Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Oral issues can have a great impact on your overall health, and it is important to solve them as soon as possible to avoid any future issues.

And if the issues are urgent and require oral surgery you might be concerned not only about your health but also about the costs of the oral surgery in Mission Valley

If that's the case, you may wonder if insurance will cover some of the costs. 

Is Oral Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Dental surgery costs can be covered by your dental insurance plan as well as your medical insurance. What is important to know is if your medical insurance plan covers dental surgery. 

In most cases, a medical insurance plan will cover parts of dental surgery.

When Is Oral Surgery Covered by Insurance?

If you have to undergo dental surgery, check your dental insurance coverage to see how much of the costs will be covered by them. Most surgeries are covered in totality while others are just partially.

This also depends on the type of surgery you will have to go through, the dental plan you have, and, as we said, the insurance coverage. 

The medical insurance that you have can also cover the costs of other medical-related expenses such as diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or rehabilitation.

How to Know If Your Insurance Covers Dental Surgery?

The dental insurance and medical insurance use specific codes for the type of service they cover. 

The best way to understand the extent of your medical and dental insurance coverage is to talk to a specialist or a dentist that has experience with filing medical claims. 

Medical insurance claims work differently compared to dental insurance claims. Therefore, you must talk to someone who understands the process and the jargon. 

Once you have your final treatment plan for your dental surgery you can start going through the medical and dental insurance plans and see what costs are covered by which plan, and what you have to pay by yourself. 

Sometimes, depending on each situation, medical insurances only cover medically necessary surgeries. 


The best way to know the extent of your medical and dental coverage is to go through the insurance plans with someone who understands each code after having finished the treatment plan. 

The type of surgery and how it is regarded also influence the costs you would have to cover, and which costs would be covered by the insurance company. 

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