What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Dental procedures can fall into different categories, but the three most common ones are:

In this blog post, you can discover everything you need to know about restorative dentistry: what it can do, common procedures, and their benefits.

Defining Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to any dental procedure used to restore a person’s oral health. It’s the type of procedure you need to address a specific dental need, such as a cavity, gum disease, or a lost tooth.

In most cases, restorative procedures are considered "must-haves", since they intend to improve your oral health or prevent a condition from getting worse. By comparison, you could say cosmetic dentistry is "nice-to-have" since these products are mostly designed to change your smile’s appearance.

Common Restorative Procedures

Here are some different treatments that fall into the restorative dentistry category:

  • Root canals: These are used to treat a badly infected tooth. Root canals involve cleaning the inside of the tooth of all the infected tissue and removing the pulp and nerves. Through it, you can prevent tooth extraction,
  • Dental fillings: If you have a cavity, a dentist will drill the tooth to remove all impacted tissue, then add a dental filling to restore the tooth. It’s a special resin that can be molded and hardened.
  • Dental crowns: If a filling isn’t enough or the tooth is damaged due to a large chip or crack, a dental crown can restore it to its full strength. They are custom-made to match the shape and color of the patient.
  • Tooth replacement: Patients dealing with missing teeth have access to several restorative procedures that can help, such as dental implants, dentures, bridges, and even implant-supported dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

Through restorative dental care, you can experience:

  1. A Healthier Smile

First, restorative dentistry’s goal is to help people get healthy teeth. Thanks to such procedures, you can remove pain and get back the full function of your smile.

Restorative care allows you to chew your food properly and speak with confidence.

  1. Improved Tooth Appearance 

Many restorative procedures have cosmetic functions as well. For example, dental implants replace a missing tooth and improve the appearance of your smile.

Cavities and infections can also cause tooth discoloration. The right treatment can improve its appearance and help you get an even smile again.

  1. Long-Term Oral Health

When left unchecked, most oral health issues gradually get worse. Restorative care is a way to achieve a healthier smile over the long term, especially when coupled with a good at-home oral hygiene routine and preventative care.

Restore Your Smile at Rio Vista Family Dentistry.

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