Exercising After Dental Work - Should I Wait?

If you’re about to get some dental work, then you might have heard it’s usually not recommended to go straight to the gym after it. While this is mostly true, it generally also depends on the type of dental work.

But how long do you need to rest? When can you fully resume your training?

Check out this short blog post to find out!

Why You Should Not Exercise After Dental Work

First, you should know that not all dental work will require resting. Minor procedures like a dental filling or getting your teeth cleaned will not prevent you from exercising.

However, when it comes to more serious procedures such as oral surgery, a physical extension can impact your healing and even create some unwanted complications. This is because exercising can increase blood pressure and can lead to unwanted bleeding and even dry socket, a condition where the blood clot which forms post-extraction bursts.

Here’s a list of common oral procedures that require some resting:

Your Mission Valley dentist will provide a list of recommendations post-procedure, which will include how many rest days you should take after getting your dental work. It’s advised to follow their recommendations to the letter to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Exercising Again: Take It Slow

At around the 4-day mark, you may be excited to resume your training. However, as a general rule, you should take it slow and ease back into it. Your body may still need a bit more time to heal, and while you’re past the timeframe where major complications can happen, it’s good to remain on the side of caution.

Additionally, it’s important to monitor how your body responds to the workout. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should stop and give yourself more time to rest:

  • You notice minor bleeding at the extraction/surgery site
  • You experience swelling
  • You get a fever
  • You notice trouble chewing or swallowing
  • You feel dental pain
  • You feel lightheaded or dizzy

Everyone has their healing rate, so pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you notice some complications regarding your dental work, you need to contact your dentist right away and head in for an emergency appointment. 

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