Can I Drink Coffee With ClearCorrect?

These days, getting a perfectly straight smile and healthy bite doesn’t always involve the awkward phase of traditional metal braces. 

Clear aligners such as ClearCorrect offer a much more convenient and discreet path toward your smile goals. During your treatment, virtually nobody will be able to tell you’re even wearing the aligners unless you bring it up!

Moreover, ClearCorrect is often a lot more comfortable than braces when it comes to maintenance. But, it doesn’t mean you won’t have some rules to follow throughout your treatment.

And one of those rules includes not drinking your coffee with ClearCorrect on. Keep reading to understand why!

How Does ClearCorrect Work?

ClearCorrect uses a special type of plastic to create perfectly clear and almost invisible aligners. Patients need to wear these aligners for around 20-22 hours every single day.

By doing so, the aligners will apply constant pressure to the teeth, and slowly move them to their most optimal position. It’s paramount to wear the aligners for exactly the number of hours a day your orthodontist recommends. Otherwise, your treatment may be affected.

The only reason to actually take out your aligners is when you brush your teeth, eat, or drink anything other than water.

So Why Can’t You Drink Coffee with ClearCorrect?

There are two major reasons why you should never drink coffee with your aligners:

  • Staining - Coffee is one of the most common tooth-staining beverages there are. Even if you like your coffee with milk, if you keep your aligners in you can risk staining the clear plastic, and your treatment won’t be as discreet anymore;
  • Shape changing - ClearCorrect is made from a proprietary type of plastic, but it’s not immune to the laws of physics. If you like your coffee hot, the heat can actually change the shape of your aligners, which will interfere with your results.

What Other ClearCorrect Rules Should You Know About?

To make sure your ClearCorrect treatment offers the results you want, be sure to:

  • Clean your aligners daily with cold water and gentle soap
  • Brush your teeth daily, and floss
  • Take out the aligners before eating or drinking
  • Cleanse the mouth with water after meals, and rinse the aligners before placing them back in
  • Keep your aligners in their special case everything you take them out
  • Wear them for the recommended daily hours (yes, you will have to sleep with them on)

Interested in ClearCorrect?

Mission Valley dentists Dr. Joy Bonifacio Lockwood, Dr. Raquel Reyes, and Dr. Patricia Campillo are here to help you get healthier and happier teeth.

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